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Lindsay’s Bathroom Transformation in Glassboro, NJ

Overview Lindsay, a homeowner in Glassboro, NJ, was looking to breathe new life into her bathroom. Though the room was functional, its plain, dingy white walls lacked personality and warmth. She envisioned a more inviting and vibrant space but wasn’t sure where to begin. That’s when she sought the expertise of TouchPoint Finishing. The Challenge […]

Three Signs You Need a New Fence

Hey there, homeowner! If you’re anything like me, you understand the crucial role that a fence plays in your home. It’s not just a boundary; it’s a statement of style, a layer of security, and sometimes, a member of the family (come on, we’ve all talked to our fences at some point, right?). But the […]

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Living Room

Newly painted living room in Turnersville, New Jersey.

We’ve all been there—staring at an array of paint swatches, unable to make a decision. But choosing the right paint for your living room is more than just picking a pretty color. It can set the mood, make a room feel larger or smaller, and even influence how you and your guests feel. That’s why […]

Quiet Comfort: The Ultimate Guide to Drywall Soundproofing Your Home

In our fast-paced world, finding tranquility at home has never been more important. With many of us juggling work, family commitments, and the constant bombardment of digital distractions, our homes have increasingly become our sanctuaries. In a society where stress and noise pollution are becoming the norm rather than the exception, the significance of a […]