Join the TouchPoint Finishing Team: Where Craftsmanship Meets Career Growth

Are you passionate about transforming homes and delivering exceptional service? TouchPoint Finishing is always on the lookout for skilled and dedicated professionals to join our team of artists and craftsmen in South Jersey. We offer a supportive work environment, competitive pay, and opportunities for advancement. If you’re committed to excellence in drywall, painting, or carpentry, we want to hear from you.

Drywall Finishers: Craftsmen of Perfection

We’re seeking experienced Drywall Finishers who share our dedication to quality and detail. As part of our team, you’ll work on a variety of projects in South Jersey, bringing your skills to bear on everything from small repairs to large installations. If you’re an expert in taping, mudding, and skimming, then we have a place for you at TouchPoint Finishing.

  • Attention
    to Detail

    Ensures that each drywall installation is flawless, leaving no imperfections or inconsistencies.

  • Skilled in Taping,
    Mudding, Skimming

    Proficient in all phases of finishing, from taping seams to applying finishing coats.

  • Strong
    Work Ethic

    Self-motivated and punctual, striving to meet project deadlines and exceed expectations.

Painters: Artisans of Color and Finish

TouchPoint Finishing is searching for skilled Painters to join our team. With an eye for color and a steady hand, you’ll transform both interiors and exteriors, adding both value and beauty to our clients’ homes. If you excel in prep work, painting, and cleanup, let’s talk.

  • Color
    Matching Expertise

    Exceptional ability to match and mix colors, ensuring consistent and desired results.

  • Skilled in
    Paint Application

    Versatile in using different techniques and tools, including rollers, brushes, and sprayers

  • Dedicated
    to Efficiency

    Takes steps to keep the work area clean, and is effective in utilizing time and resources.

Carpenters: Masters of Woodwork and Design

If you have a knack for crafting, measuring, and installing, you could be the Carpenter we’re looking for. TouchPoint Finishing is seeking skilled Carpenters to work on a variety of custom carpentry projects, from crown molding installations to custom built-ins. Your craftsmanship could be the finishing touch that elevates our projects.

  • Precise in Measuring, Cutting

    Ensures each cut is accurate, resulting in seamless joins and a professional finish.

  • Experience with
    Woodworking Tools

    Skilled in using saws, hammers, and other carpentry tools for diverse projects.

  • Creative
    Problem Solving

    Ability to think on the fly and come up with effective solutions to unexpected challenges.

A Rewarding Career Awaits You